Titillation exists in two versions – Titillation and Titillation  Grade 3.  Both are written and performed by Emily Underwood-Lee in collaboration with Kylie Ann Smith, Titillation Grade 3 also contains film made in collaboration with Sean Tuan John.

Titillation takes a humorous look at the post-operative body and considers who and what can be sexy after breast cancer.  Warning, this performance features dancing breasts, prosthesis puppetry, sparkly scars and surgical imagery.  Based on my real-life experiences of breast cancer and loving Patrick Swayze, Titillation takes liberties with the truth in order to imagine what might be.

The ‘Titillation’ script is published in Bleakley, A., Lynch, L. and Whelan, G. (eds) (2017) Risk and Regulation at the Interface of Medicine and the Arts Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars.

To read an extract from the script for Titillation please visit http://www.rhul.ac.uk/dramaandtheatre/documents/pdf/whodowe/emilyunderwood-lee-titillation(performanceextracts).pdf

Titillation is featured in Prof Caroline Wellbery’s Interacting with the Arts and Medicine.

Film documentation of Titillation is held in the Live Art Development Agency Archive.

Titillation running time: 20 minutes

Titillation Grade 3 running time: 40 minutes

Supported by the Arts Council for Wales